Acknowledging Mila


Researchers are requested to acknowledge Mila when publications or reports are published on research that used compute resources provided by the organization. Our ability to showcase the successful use of our resources builds an important case for long-term and sustainable funding of Mila and our operations, i.e. have more compute resources available to researchers!

The exact wording of the acknowledgment may vary, but please ensure that Mila is mentioned. The following can be used as a guideline:

“This research was enabled in part by compute resources provided by Mila (”

If you find useful some of the software developed at Mila or the technical help you can get from our experts you can also mention it in the acknowledgment:

“This research was enabled in part by compute resources, software and technical help provided by Mila (”

If you’ve used DRAC resources as well for your research, please remember to acknowledge their use in your papers