Chatbot for Mila

The Mila Documentation chatbot is currently accessible at This requires a username/password that can be found here.

It will later require authentication through your account, but not at the moment.

All submitted questions are logged anonymously. We will review the usage that people do, but we are not keeping track of who is asking which questions.

All the queries use OpenAI GPT 3.5, which incurs negligible usage costs for Mila (0.002$ per 1k tokens). There is an automatic cutoff limit to our budget, but feel free to use it as much as needed for the time being. It would be a triumph if we reached a point where we actually spent $40 to answer useful questions.

This chatbot is based on the work by Jeremy Pinto and Hadrien Bertrand. It currently indexes data from here at, but it will soon be extended to other sources of information.